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Per capita manufacturing value-add in the Western Cape is the third highest in Africa, making us a top manufacturing hub on the continent.

Reasons to invest

The Western Cape has an established and diversified manufacturing base that has proven its resilience and potential to compete in the global electronics economy.

Today, South Africa is home to the largest consumer electronics market in Africa, with an annual spend of US$10.5bn. At the centre of this growth is the Western Cape’s strong skills base, which enables it to be a flexible, responsive and innovative hub for the country’s ever-shifting technology frontiers.

The electronics sector is an essential contributor to foreign exchange earnings through both exports and FDI. Companies like Hisense and Kimberly-Clark are just two major companies of the 19 FDI projects already invested in the region.

The Western Cape has the highest concentration of clothing manufacturing in the country. South Africa’s high-end fashion and value-added CTFL industries are found in the Western Cape, with Cape Town being regarded as South Africa’s fashion and design capital.

The Western Cape also has a growing aerospace manufacturing sector. Our aerospace technology companies supply some of the world’s major space organisations.

Why Cape Town and the Western Cape?

  • Per capita manufacturing value-add in the Western Cape is the third highest in Africa, making us a top manufacturing hub on the continent.
  • Two of the top three universities in Africa are in the Western Cape.
  • South Africa was the largest destination in Africa for FDI into R&D over the past fifteen years with 13 investment projects valued at US$345m.
  • +-215 000 people are directly employed in manufacturing in the Western Cape.
  • The Western Cape has an extensive network of world-class road infrastructure, three international ports, and an airport that has been voted the best on the African continent four years running.
  • The Western Cape has two special economic zones, with a focus on oil & gas and the marine industry, located close to Cape Town, offering access to investor-ready infrastructure, support and incentives.
  • In the last decade, 285 foreign companies have invested more than US$6,2bn in the Western Cape.
  • Global investors in Western Cape manufacturing include: Hisense, Hunting, Aggreko, Northern Textile Mills, Gestamp Wind Steel and GlaxoSmithKline.
  • Since 2017 the fastest growing manufacturing industries averaged growth of more than 6,5% per annum, including: non-ferrous metal products, motor vehicle parts, processed food, aerospace, and glass.
  • It’s an exceptional place to live, work and play.

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